What Is a Student ID Number?: How They Are Assigned and Used

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When you start college and have to register for classes or create your student account on the school portal, you will probably hear about your student ID number.

A student ID number is a unique number that colleges assign to each student that enrolls in classes. It remains their student ID number throughout their time at the school. The student ID number is also the student’s account number associated with their academic record. 

It helps schools track and organize student records without having to use more personal information such as their name or Social Security Number. 

Students will need to know their student ID number when they ask for records or interact with financial services.

Let’s go over why your student ID number is important and how it’s used, and how, where, and when you will get your ID number.

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Is your student ID number important?

A student ID number is important for students. It is the unique ID number assigned by their college after they enroll in classes. A student’s ID number is attached to their academic and financial record at the school and is often required to register for classes or receive information about their record.

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What are student ID numbers for?

Student ID numbers are used by a college to track and organize student records. Students use their student ID numbers to identify themselves, be told academic or financial aid information, get on the school portal, register for classes, check out library books, or use the school’s printers.

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Is a student number and student ID the same? 

Student number and student ID are sometimes used interchangeably. However, student ID is often used to mean your student ID card. Your student number (also called student ID number) is your student identification number that you get assigned from your school. 

Your student ID number is on your student ID card.

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How do I get a student ID number?

A student’s ID number will be assigned to them by their college.

When do I get my student ID number?

Depending on the school, students get their student ID numbers either when they are accepted, when they enroll in courses, or after orientation.

If you haven’t gotten your student ID number yet, and you need it to register or set up your account on your school portal, contact your college’s admissions department.

Where is your student ID number?

Your student ID number will be on your: 

  • Student ID card
  • Communication with your school (including acceptance information and billing statements)
  • Transcript (official and unofficial)
  • School portal account

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How many numbers are in a student ID?

The number of digits in a student ID will vary depending on the school since each college picks how many numbers are in their student IDs. In general, student IDs usually range from 5 to 10 (often 7 or 9 digits). 

How are student ID numbers generated?

Colleges use different ways to generate their student ID numbers. Some ways schools use to generate student ID numbers, include: 

  • Using a computer program to assign a student ID number based on their personal information such as their name or date of birth
  • Using student’s K-12 public-school student ID for college when they are in-state students
  • Being sequentially counted instead of random (For example, the first person would be 00001 and the second 00002)
  • Starting with the current year (or month) followed by sequential numbers
  • Randomly generating student ID numbers 

Some schools previously used (or incorporated) students’ social security numbers into their student ID numbers, but because of obvious security and privacy concerns, this is no longer practiced.

What happens to student ID numbers after the student graduates?

After a student graduates, their student ID number becomes inactive by the college.

In general, student numbers do not get reused since they are tied to the student’s academic and financial records, and this would cause confusion accessing information as an alumni.

However, at some rare schools, a student ID number may be reused after a certain amount of time.

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