Where and How to Find Your Student ID Number

Two sample Student ID cards
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Each student is assigned a student identification number when they enroll in college. 

Your student ID number is used for security, to log into the school portal, register for classes, make purchases at the bookstore, access the facilities, and check out books from the library. It is important that you know your college student ID number. 

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You can find your student ID number by looking at your student ID card, your school’s portal, any documents from your school (such as your acceptance letter, billing statements, or schedule), or your DARS report or major map. If you still cannot find your student ID number, call and ask your school.

Let’s explore all the places where you may be able to find your student ID number.

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Where can I find my student ID number?

Here are all the places you can look to find your college student ID.

Student ID card 

The easiest place to look for your student ID number is your student ID card. If you don’t already have one, student IDs are easy to getOpens in a new tab..

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Your school portal: How to find your student ID online

After looking at your ID, the second easiest way is to find your student ID online by looking on your school portal.

Log into your school’s portal.

Go to the tab where your information is located. This is often found by clicking: 

  • Profile 
  • My Info 
  • on your name in the top right-hand corner

Your student ID number should be listed. 

For example, at ASU, you go to MyASU.comOpens in a new tab..

Then click on the “Profile” tab:

On MyASU with a red arrow pointing to the "Profile" tab

From there, click on the “My IDs” section:

On MyASU Profile tab, with a red arrow pointing to "My IDs"

Your student ID is listed there.

Documents from your college 

You can also find your ID number on most documents from your college. 

Acceptance information 

Your school most likely put your student ID number on your acceptance information.

Look at the top right-hand side (that is where it was located on my acceptance letter). 

Your student ID number may be on any documents that your school sends you, but since this is a document that is more likely to be kept for records, it is a good place to look for it.

Billing statement

Other documents that have your student ID number are any billing or financial aid statements. 

Look at bills or tuition receipts. It is often at the top. 


Your student ID number should be on your schedule after you sign up for classes.

Emails or text messages from the school

If you didn’t keep any hard copies of documents, you can still check if your school has emailed you or texted you about enrollment or billing information. They may have listed your student ID number there. 


Your student ID number is on your official and unofficial transcript.

DARS report or major map

If you have access to or have saved any DARS reports or major maps, your student ID will be listed. 

Contact your school 

If you still cannot locate your student ID number, contact your school. Be prepared to provide other information to verify your identity. 

Incoming students: Contact admissions

Incoming students looking for their student ID number should contact the admissions office.

Current students: Contact advisor 

Current students should reach out to their advisor to ask where to find their ID number. 

Alumni: Alumni services

Alumni should contact the alumni services office for help.

All students: Contact the registrar’s office

Any new, current, or former student can contact their school’s registrar’s office to ask for their student ID.

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How to remember your student ID number

Since you need to know your student ID number, once you find it, either memorize it (I am terrible at this) or write it down someplace easy to find (I recommend saving it as a note or contact info on your phone).

Frequently asked questions about how to find student ID

Big red question mark on a background of small white question marks

Below we answer some frequently asked questions about how to find student ID. 

How to find student ID number on Canvas?

Canvas does not usually show student ID. If you think your college specifically posts your ID on Canvas, contact your instructor or the IT department for help finding it.

How to find student ID number CSUMB?

At CSUMB, the student ID cards don’t have the student ID number on them. You can find your student ID by logging into Oasis and looking at the “demographic data” or your unofficial transcript. 

How to find Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) student ID number?

To find your FIT student ID number, log into the school portal (MyFIT). Click on your name in the top right-hand corner, and your FIT student ID number can be seen. 

For more information, check out FITNYC.edu.

How to find my CPCC student ID number?

Log into CPCC’s school portal, My College, to find your ID number.

Now you know how to find your student ID number!

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