15+ Things a Student ID Can Be Used For

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Many colleges require that students get a student ID card, but then the student is left wondering how they can use their student ID. As an online student who had to get a student ID, I searched for ways I could use my student ID, and it turns out that there are a lot!

Student IDs can be used to get on the school’s portal, register for classes, buy books in the bookstore, prove attendance, get student discounts, increase campus security, use the school’s library and printer, buy food from the cafeteria and vending machines, and open a student checking account.

Let’s go through the whole list of 16 ways you can use your student ID.

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Get on the school portal 

When logging into your school’s portal, you often need to enter either your student ID number or your school email address. 

From the student portal, you can get onto your class’s learning management system (LMS), such as Canvas or Blackboard, see your grades, see your financial information, and pay your tuition and fees.  

If you forget your password for the school portal, you may be required to enter your student ID to reset your password.

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Register for classes 

You need your student ID number to register for classes.

Giving out academic information

You will be required to give your student ID number anytime you ask for information over email, phone, or in person.

Financial aid information

You will need your student ID number for interactions with the cashier and financial aid offices.

School bookstore

If you get textbooks through the school bookstore, you may be required to show your student ID. 

You will have to show your student ID if you charge your textbooks to your school account so that you can use financial aid to pay for them, have sponsor billing, use the Pell Book Voucher, or pay for them at the same time as your tuition and fees.

Proof of your attendance

Professors can require that you show your student ID before you take a test or for online proctored exams, and some classes require you to go to events where you have to show your student ID to get credit for attending.

Student Discounts

One of the best benefits of having a student ID is that you can use it to get student discounts. 

Many stores, including clothing stores and restaurants, offer student discounts with proof of student ID or your school email address. 

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Many schools use ID cards to increase security, and some buildings require a student ID card to enter.

Library access

Harvard Library Entrance Columns and Steps in a sunny day

Many school libraries require student ID (or at least your ID number) to check out books or use their printers. 

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Cafeteria payment

Some cafeterias require students to use student ID to charge the food to their meal plan.

Access to and discounts for school events

While most college events do not require students to show their student ID, there can be some events that do. Additionally, many events offer student discounts, and these require proof of student ID.

Buy snacks from campus vending machines

On many campuses, you can use your student ID card to buy drinks and snacks from campus vending machines.

Open a student checking account

Student checking accounts can offer several benefits, including low or no fees and discounted rates for credit cards. 

If you are opening a student checking account, your student ID or acceptance letter will be required to prove enrollment in a qualified school.


Depending on your state and if your ID has your name and address, you may be able to use your student ID to vote. 

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For cosmetology students: Shop at CosmoProf with a student ID 

Students can shop at CosmoProf with a student ID. To shop at CosmoProf, students must have a CosmoProf Student ProClub card. Students enrolled in cosmetology school can get that card by going to a store and proving they are enrolled cosmetology students by showing their student ID.

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Used as a memento

Finally, student IDs can be saved as a memento to look back on.

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