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College is expensive, so every student discount helps! Apple offers some great student discounts.

Apple offers discounted prices for MacBooks and iPads at the Apple Education Store. Apple also offers 50% off Apple Music for students.

I wish I had known about Apple’s education discounts when I got my Mac!

Read on to find out how to get the student discount, what it can be used on, the best deals, and tips for getting the student discount for Apple Music.

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How to get student discounts on Apple

Apple’s education discount is available to all students attending college and those recently accepted, plus their parents. It is also available to education workers, including all faculty, staff, and homeschool teachers.

Apple offers deals on many of its products, including MacBooks and iPads.

Does Apple ask for student ID?

Apple asks for student ID when purchases are made in-store. Apple does not ask for student ID or other form of verifying eligibility when you make a purchase through the Apple Education store online.

Does Apple check student ID in the store?

To get the educational discount in-store, students will need to show their student ID.  Teachers and other educators eligible for the discount should be prepared to show their credentials.

When does Apple ask for student ID?

Apple asks for students to show student ID during checkout in the store. They will also ask educators using the discount to show their credentials at checkout.

How do I get Apple student discount online?

To get the Apple student discount online, go to the Apple Education StoreOpens in a new tab.. The discounted prices are already shown so you can shop as you normally would.

Does Apple check if you are a student online?

In January 2022Opens in a new tab., Apple started requiring customers using the Apple Education Store to verify their eligibility through UNiDAYS, but it removed the verification process a few days later. 

Currently, in the United States, Apple does not ask for students to show their student ID or for students and educators to offer other proof of eligibility when they purchase online through Apple Education Store. 

But Apple does reserve the right to ask for proof of your eligibility later, and if you cannot provide proof, they will charge the difference in price.

In other countries, such as the UK, Apple requires verification through UNiDAYS before a person is able to purchase through the Apple Education Store.

Can you use Apple employee discount with student discount?

Someone cannot use an Apple employee discount and a student discount on the same order. Apple does not allow discount stacking (using more than one discount on a purchase). Look at the cost after each discount and use the discount that gets you the best deal (most likely the employee discount).

Can you use Apple student discount more than once?

Students can you Apple’s student discount more than once. Students are eligible to use the student discount to buy a certain number of each type of item per year.

According to AppleOpens in a new tab., students can buy per year:

  • 1 desktop
  • 1 mac mini
  • 1 notebook
  • 2 iPads
  • 2 accessories

Are high school students eligible for Apple education discount?

High School students are not eligible for the Apple education discount until they have been accepted into college and are over 16 years old. Once they are accepted, students can use the Apple education discount even if they are still in High School and haven’t yet started college.

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Best student discounts for Apple

Do student discounts apply to AirPods?

Student discounts do not apply to AirPods. 

Do students get AirPods with MacBooks?

Apple has done back-to-school promotions (in 2021, this was from June 17-September 27) where they offer free AirPods and discounts AppleCare+ with the purchase of eligible Macs and iPads. However, students do not get AirPods for free with other purchases outside of these special sales.

Best student discounts for iPads

Opens in a new tab.

Apple offers education discounts on their iPadsOpens in a new tab.. The discount is anywhere from $20 to $50 off. 

These include: 

Are there student discounts for iPhones?

Apple does not offer student discounts on iPhones or Apple Watches. Everyone has to pay full price for these or look for a discount from their cell provider.

Best student discounts on MacBooks

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Apple offers education discounts on Macs that range from $50 off to $400 off.

These include:

Student discount on Apple Music

Screen shot of Apple music application showing on iPhone 5s.

Higher education students are eligible for an Apple Music Student subscription for $4.99 a month for up to 48 months or until the student graduates (whichever comes first). The subscription includes a free Apple TV Plus for a limited time.

Students attending university for a bachelor’s degree or post-graduate degree, college in the U.S., post-secondary school in Canada, or junior and technical colleges in Japan are eligible for the Apple Music Student subscription. 

The student subscription is 50% off a month, making it $4.99 a month instead of $9.99 for the individual subscription.

It includes everything included in an Apple Music subscription (access to millions of songs, exclusive radio channels, and artist interviews) and a free subscription to Apple TV Plus for a limited time.

Go to UNiDAYSOpens in a new tab. to redeem the offer or Apple’s support websiteOpens in a new tab. for further instructions.

How to confirm student status Apple Music

To confirm student status on Apple Music, students have to create a UNiDAYS account using the same email address as their Apple ID. UNiDAYS will ask for the student’s name, school name, and school email address (.edu).

UNiDAYS will verify by either sending an email to their school email address or by you logging into your school’s learning portal.

How to use student ID for Apple Music

If there are problems verifying your student status on UNiDAYS using a student’s school email address or by logging into their school’s portal, then students use their student ID for Apple Music. They will be able to verify their account using their student ID.

How to remove student ID from Apple Music

The easiest way to remove your student ID from Apple Music depends on why you want to remove the ID. Let’s go over some of the reasons why and your options. 

1. No longer a student

If you are no longer a student, but you are asked to verify your student status, click “I’m No Longer A Student,” and you won’t be asked to verify again.

2. Want to cancel or change subscription 

To change or cancel your student subscription, open the Settings app, click on your name, then click subscriptions. Click on Apple Music, and you should see the options subscriptions. Either cancel your membership or click on the one subscription you want to change to and click purchase. 

Check out Apple support for more instructions on changing subscriptionsOpens in a new tab. or canceling Apple MusicOpens in a new tab..

In this case, the easiest way would be to delete your UNiDAYS accountOpens in a new tab. and make a new one.

Potential roadblock 1: Using a new Apple ID on an old device 

If you are trying to get the student subscription on a new Apple ID, but you are using an old device, you might be running into problems because that device is currently an associated device with your old Apple ID. 

In this case, try going to the Apple Music app and then choose “Account” then “View My Account”. Click “Manage Devices” and remove the device you want.

Check out Apple’s help guide on removing associated devicesOpens in a new tab.

Potential roadblock 2: New Apple ID, but your school account is linked to your old Apple ID 

If the problem is that your actual school account is linked to your old Apple ID, then you will need to contact Apple supportOpens in a new tab. to see if they can resolve the issue. 

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