Student IDs Explained: What Makes a Student ID Valid?

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Student IDs seem like a simple concept, but people throw around a surprising amount of terms when talking about them—one such term is a valid student ID.

Valid student IDs are current student IDs issued by an accredited school where the student is enrolled and has paid tuition.

To get a student ID, you need to show proof that you are a student (you have to be enrolled), an official ID that shows your date of birth (such as a driver’s license), and then upload a photo of yourself.

Let’s go over what counts as a valid student ID, how long it remains valid, and how to check that your student ID is still valid.

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What counts as valid student ID?

Student ID is the identification card that students get through their accredited college. Students qualify for valid student IDs when they have enrolled in classes at a school and paid tuition. To be a valid student ID, the ID card must be current and contain the student’s photo. 

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How long is a student ID valid?

How long a student ID is valid (or not expired) depends on the school.

In general, student IDs are valid during the student’s enrollment (until the student graduates or stops taking classes). However, at some colleges, student IDs are only valid until the end of that semester and then reactivated after the student has registered for the next semester’s classes.

Note: Student ID cards not issued by a particular school, such as International Student Identity Cards (ISIC), have to be renewed more frequently (typically every year to 16 months).

Is a student ID a valid ID?

A student ID is a valid ID for all school-related activities and may be able to be used to vote. However, student ID is generally not accepted as a valid ID to prove identity or age and cannot be used to fly, open a bank account, or buy alcohol. 

Typically acceptable forms of valid ID are those issued by the government, such as a driver’s license, passport, or state-issued ID. 

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How to check if a student ID is valid

To check that a student ID is valid, students should first check if it has an expiration date printed on it or an expiration sticker. If it does and it has not reached the expiration date, and the student is still attending the school, then the ID will still be valid.

If it doesn’t, the student will need to check with the college to determine if their student ID is still valid.

What to do if your student ID is no longer valid

If your student ID is no longer valid, you can get a new student ID through your current college. You will have to request a replacement ID and provide proof of ID, proof of student status, and a new photo. Replacement IDs generally cost (sometimes more than original student IDs).

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