Parlia: My 2020 Summer Internship

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This post is an update on what I am doing this Summer. I got an internship with a great organization: Parlia.

Parlia is an encyclopedia of opinions. They are mapping out the different arguments for tons of questions. These range from “Who was the best James Bond?” to “Do human beings have free will?” to “What are the solutions to the Syrian crisis?” and everything in between.

They want to encourage debate and help people to understand each other’s opinions.

I am constantly debating and trying to understand why people do or believe certain things, so this is a great fit for me!

I have been writing and editing opinion maps. I am really enjoying the work! Working on the maps has challenged me to view all sides of an argument. It has made my personal opinion on the topics more nuanced.

I have also loved getting to know the people. They are the best!

After my summer internship was over, I stayed on with Parlia for another 3 months as an editor for a group of interns. I edited their work and provided weekly feedback. It was a wonderful experience!

Maps I worked on:

If any strike your interest read them and let me know what you think!

Or head on over to Parlia and check out the different maps and/or work on one yourself (Parlia is a wiki, everyone can work on it)!

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