List of the Best Job Search Sites to Find Remote Jobs

List of the Best Job Search Sites to Find Remote Jobs
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When I was getting ready to start job hunting, I asked everyone where they found jobs. I especially asked, “where do I look for remote jobs”. It turns out there is no shortage of places to look for remote jobs. You can search for remote jobs on most of the popular job boards. Here is my list of best job search sites.


Indeed is a popular employment-related search engine. It is easy to use and has a ton of job listings.

Narrowing the search to “Remote” location shows 74,895 job listings!

Remote job listing on Indeed

You can apply for jobs right on their site.

It also has the handy feature to click “Not interested” for a job posting, and they will not continue to show it to you.


Handshake is a college career network. If your school partners with Handshake then I would absolutely suggest you create an account. If your school isn’t partnered with Handshake, I would spend your time on other job search sites.

Handshake is integrated with some school’s career services department. This means that you can make appointments with career services and attend university-sponsored webinars and career fairs.

I have attended several virtual career fairs through Handshake. They were all super informative and a great way to network.

Handshake does have fewer job listings. Using “remote” as a keyword, I only found 1.7K jobs.

Remote job listing on Handshake

They also do not have a not interested/hide feature, which is a pain.

Overall, I would say as a job search engine site, they are not great, but their events and school associations are fantastic and worth checking out.

School resources

In addition to any partnership with Handshake, most colleges have job search resources such as their own job search site. At ASU, that is their Student Employment Job Search.

ASU Student Employment Job Search

These sites will not have anywhere near as many listings and remote positions as the big job search sites, but they are an additional resource that you should be aware of.

Check with your university to see if they have a job search site.


Monster is another employment website.

It is easy to use, and they have a large selection of job postings:

Monster remote job posting available

The downside, they also do not have a not interested/hide feature.


Glassdoor is a website where people can review companies.

It has an easy to use job search feature.

It also has a large selection of postings:

Remote search on Glassdoor

And it has a hide option!

Hide option on Glassdoor

Glassdoor’s best features are its company and salary information. It provides excellent information about the company and helps you see what others with similar roles are making. This is a valuable resource.


LinkedIn is arguably the best job search site.

It is easy to use, and has a huge number of job postings.

A quick remote search shows 114,211 results!

Remote job postings on LinkedIn

LinkedIn does have the not interested button to hide job postings.

Not interested hide option on LinkedIn

However, this only hides the posting on that search, not just in general.

The biggest benefit of using LinkedIn is that you need to have a LinkedIn profile anyways for networking. Two birds one stone.

What’s the best job search engine?

If you are like me, then you want to know which one of these sites is the best.

There is no “best”. I mainly use Handshake and LinkedIn. These are not necessarily better (in fact, I hate that Handshake doesn’t have a hide option). I use them the most because Handshake is affiliated with ASU and I got used to the site attending career fairs, and LinkedIn is also important for networking.

Each website on this list has pros and cons. Start using a few and see which format you like best.

Narrow down job postings to remote jobs only

How do you search for only remote jobs? The answer is…..KEYWORDS!

To search for remote jobs, there are several possible options:

  • Remote 
  • Virtual 
  • Online 
  • Work from home

Additional resources:

There is a misconception that work from home jobs are all scams. This is absolutely not true! However, there are some scams.

To be cautious:

  • don’t pay for an application
  • be mindful about giving out sensitive information such as your social security number (better to be overly cautious than to get burned)
  • check RipOffReport for scams

If you find this list of the best job search sites helpful, please share!

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