How to Make Online School Not Boring: 20 Things to Do After Class

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There are times when everyone finds school boring, and the same goes for online school.

Luckily, there are some things that you can do to make your class more interesting!

To make online school not boring, after class, students should reflect on if the course is too easy or too hard for them. They need to set goals and rewards for paying attention in class. They should do their homework, join a study group, get tutoring, and reach out to their peers and professor.

You can also do things before classOpens in a new tab. and during classOpens in a new tab. to help you pay attention and make online school not boring.

Let’s look at the 20 things you can do after class to make online school not boring.

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1. Take some time to reflect 

Take some time to reflect about the class.

Why do you find the class boring?

You won’t know what to do to make the class less boring until you first understand why you find the online class so boring. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Do you find all your classes boring or just this one?
  • Does the professor’s teaching style make it difficult for you to learn?  
  • Are you constantly thinking about all the other things you would rather be doing? 

Ask yourself if the subject matter is too easy 

You may be bored in class because the class is too easy for you.

If this is the case, there are some things you can do to make the class more challenging:

  • Try to visualize the subject matter.
  • Focus on all the details. 
  • Try to challenge the teacher and see if you can learn something you didn’t know from the course.
  • Try to see the topic from a different point of view.

You can also just focus on getting a great grade and move on.

Ask yourself if the subject matter is too hard 

The class can also be boring if it is too hard.

If you have trouble understanding the subject matter, first ask yourself if you have the prerequisite knowledge to understand the material. 

If you don’t and there is still time to drop the class, you should consider dropping the class and taking a lower-level class that builds on the foundations for this course. 

If you have already taken the lower-level classes or it is too late to drop this course, you will need to get some help from the teacher or tutoring. 

You can also use online resources and do extra research on the topic. First, make sure you are reading all the required and supplemental materials. Then google it and look it up on Youtube. 

What is your motivation for taking the class?  

Understanding your motivation for taking the class can energize you to pay attention in class, making the class less boring.

How can you apply what you learn to your life or future career?

One way to find your motivation for the course is to think of how it applies to the real world and particularly to your future career. How will you use what you are learning?

Relating the subject matter to something specific for your life or career can help you find the class more engaging.

What is something about the subject that you find interesting? 

I guarantee you that if you really try, you can find at least one thing about the subject that you find interesting. Once you get some interest in the topic, it will become easier to engage with the class. 

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2. Adopt a positive attitude 

If you have the attitude that the class is boring and you dread it, you absolutely will find the class boring.

Try to change your attitude. Address why you find the class boring, remember your motivation for taking the class, and focus on finding something about the topic interesting.

From there, you can go into class with the attitude that you will learn something!

But if there are times when this doesn’t work, and you don’t pay attention in class, try not to be too hard on yourself!

It doesn’t help you to beat yourself up because you haven’t been paying attention in class. Accept that everyone has times where they aren’t focused and try to do better next class.

Get help adopting a positive attitude by checking out our post on How to Mentally Prepare for a New SemesterOpens in a new tab..

3. Elaborate on your notes

After class, read through your notes and make sure that you covered everything. Add in extra details

Do a recap of what you learned in class. 

4. Make a study plan

If you don’t invest the time to do the work for the class, you won’t understand the material. Online school requires time management skills and self-discipline to make sure that you do the work on your own.

One of the biggest ways to address this is by creating a study plan where you add time to study and do your assignments to your schedule.

You will inherently find a course more interesting if you are doing well in it.

5. Do your homework 

Your teacher doesn’t assign you homework merely to be cruel. Homework can help you practice what you are learning and check your comprehension.

Besides being necessary to get good grades, there is an added benefit to doing your homework; it helps you understand the material! 

It is easier to pay attention in class when you understand the material.

6. Think of questions to ask for the next class

Big red question mark on a background of small white question marks

After reviewing your notes, write down any questions that you still have. As you read the new material, write down any questions you have about it.

You will be ready to be an active participant in the next class by listening for the answers to your questions or asking your professor.

7. Reach out to your teacher and peers

One of the reasons online classes are boringOpens in a new tab. is because they lack interaction with your professor and peers.

You will have to be proactive with reaching out to your teacher and peers at the beginning and end of class, over email, or on the group discussion boards.

Building a relationship with the people in your class will make it easier to get enticed into the conversation in class.

8. Join a study group

Another great way to build connections and help you understand the material is to join an online study group.

You can all meet over Zoom and help each other.

If there isn’t a study group available for you to join, then start your own. You can post about it on the discussion forum.

9. Try to teach the subject to someone else

One of the best ways to learn the material is to teach the subject to someone else. Talk to a friend or family member about it.

10. Set goals for yourself 

Crumpled notes, Notepad with Goals written on it and someone's hand writing, and a lightbulb

Set a goal for yourself for each class, such as paying attention for a certain amount of time or taking good notes.

11. Give yourself a reward 

When you reach the goal, reward yourself.

If you really struggle with the class, you can even reward yourself for making it through the class.

Decide what your reward will be before class so that you can think about when you start feeling bored.

Eventually, you will associate the class with this positive thing that you like.

12. Learn different ways to take notes

Learn different ways to take notes and see if any of those ways make it easier to focus. Try the Cornell note-takingOpens in a new tab. method or mind-mappingOpens in a new tab..

13. Change something in your environment

You need to have a dedicated workspace where you take your online classes, do your assignments, and study. 

Make a change to the space. Add something interesting in the background to look at, such as art or motivational quotesOpens in a new tab..

14. Ask for help 

If after following all these strategies you still find the Zoom class boring and have difficulty focusing, ask your teacher or peers for help. 

Your peers can share what works for them and how they pay attention in class, and your teacher may be able to give you some tips on how to engage in the class. 

15. Get tutoring 

Most schools offer tutoring services (often free).

If you are struggling with the class, take advantage of these services and get tutoring.

16. Check for underlying medical issues 

If you think there could be an underlying medical issue, such as ADHD, depression, or brain fog, make sure that you talk to your doctor.

If you get a diagnosis, immediately reach out to your school’s disability resource center, and they can help you get the accommodations that you need to succeed.

17. Treat being a student as your job 

Since I was a kid, anytime I complained about doing my schoolwork, my dad would say, “School is your job. We all have to do our jobs.”. This mindset helped me to treat being a student seriously.

School is your job! Many people find their jobs boring (at least from time to time), but they accept that they still have to go to work and do what is expected of them. The same is true for school. You still have to log into class, pay attention, and do your work.

18. Make sure you are eating “brain food”

Take a look at your diet. A poor diet could be one reason why you have trouble paying attention in class. 

19. Exercise 

Exercise can make you smarterOpens in a new tab..

Exercise relieves stress and creates endorphins. This can help calm your brain down so that you can focus.

20. Meditate 

Meditation can help you get good at focusing and clearing your mind. This will make it easier to pay attention in class.

Now that you know how to make online school not boring, go forth and learn!

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