10 Best Netflix Original Series (& 5 Movies)

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Currently, The Queen’s Gambit and the latest season of The Crown are being widely praised. These phenomenal shows are only two of Netflix‘s best original series. Let’s review the 10 best Netflix original series (no spoilers!).

10 Best Netflix Original Series

The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit portrays orphaned chess prodigy Beth Harmon’s mission to become the world’s greatest chess player.

This is a fascinating show with a simplistic style. The acting is superb, and the characters are all complex.

It doesn’t use cliffhangers or over the top drama to keep viewers watching but instead builds a rich world and intelligent story that captivates.

I also love that chess doesn’t feel like an afterthought or plot device. Instead, it is another character on the show.

The Crown

This is the story of the royal family, especially Queen Elizabeth II, starting in the 40s.

The Crown is an unhurried drama that covers a large expanse of time with incredible attention to detail and a breadth of humanity. It doesn’t villainize nor romanticize the royal family.

It is visually stunning, and the acting is superb!

The Umbrella Academy

On the other hand, we have The Umbrella Academy, which is over the top in every way. It even has an advanced Chimpanzee and a robot mother.

The premise is that 43 babies are spontaneously born (the mothers weren’t pregnant before the day began), and an eccentric billionaire adopts 7 of them. He then trains the kids to use their superpowers to save the world. After his death, many years later, the family comes back together to stop the apocalypse.

At its core, The Umbrella Academy is about a dysfunctional family. The characters are all highly flawed and entertaining. I especially love Klaus and Five.

If you want a fresh take on a superhero show, then give it a try.


Lucifer is about Lucifer (the devil, aka the fallen angel) when he takes a vacation from hell and moves to L.A.. He meets a cop who is immune to his powers and discovers he likes solving crimes. From there we have lots of drama!

The first 3 seasons were on Fox, and then Netflix picked it up after it was canceled. Therefore, it is now one of the best Netflix original series. In fact, out of all the shows/movies on this list, Lucifer is my favorite!

It is binge-worthy. You won’t be able to stop watching. I love Lucifer, Amenadiel, Chloe, Mazikeen, Linda….basically all of the characters!

This show is funny, has great romance, and amazing plot lines. The whole package!


Away chronicles an international crew’s mission to Mars and their families at home.

Hilary Swank (one of my all-time favorite actresses) plays Emma Green, the crew’s captain, joined by a brilliant cast.

The series is only 1 season (which is such a shame!), but it somehow still manages to cover and develop each character in depth. You really feel like you get to know the crew. You will love them all!

It does an exceptional job mixing the fantastical and suspenseful elements of space travel with touching and complex relationships. A must-watch!

Outer Banks

Outer Banks is about a group of teenagers that go on a hunt for legendary treasure after learning that it is linked to John B.’s dad’s disappearance.

It is an adventure/mystery/drama show. The characters are all likable, and the plot is engaging. It showcases great friendships and a fun treasure hunt.

Dead to me

This follows Jen, whose husband was killed in a hit and run, and free-spirited Judy, who meet in a grief group.

Dead to Me is a dark comedy with thriller aspects. It deals with grief and friendship (I love Jen and Judy’s friendship).

As the story unfolds, you will be cursing at the screen and on the edge of your seat.

Grace and Frankie

Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) find out their husbands Robert (Martin Sheen) and Sol (Sam Waterston) are gay. Robert and Sol are leaving them so that they can marry each other. An unlikely friendship ensues…

This show is hilarious! It obviously has a fantastic cast (I especially ADORE Lily Tomlin).

Grace and Frankie is Netflix’s longest show, and throughout all 6 seasons, it never fails to disappoint.


Both Medici: Masters of Florence and The Magnificent are excellent.

This is a dramatization of the Medici family starting in 1429. While there may be a lot that is not historically accurate, it is a highly entertaining show. It transports you back in time to this era.

The cast is phenomenal, and the politics, love, and betrayal are captivating.

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is about a marketing executive, who does not speak French, that suddenly goes to work in Paris.

Being funny and set in Paris (so romantic) makes it a great rom-com series. Lily Collins, as Emily, is incredibly charming. You will root for her and want to vicariously through her (especially when you meet her gorgeous neighbor Gabriel!).

5 Best Netflix Original Movies

Netflix has also made some spectacular movies too. As a bonus, here are Netflix’s 5 best original movies.

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Eurovision is about Lars (Will Farrell) and Sigrit (Rachel McAdams) trying to fulfill their childhood dream of winning Eurovision.

You know that anything with Will Farrell is going to be hilarious, and anything with Rachel McAdams is going to be endearing (I mean, has she been in anything where you don’t immediately like her? She even managed to make Regina George somehow likable).

This film is over the top but in the best way. It made me both laugh out loud and cry! Plus, the music is fantastic!

The Old Guard

This is about a group of badass immortals with the ability to heal themselves being discovered and having to fight to keep their freedom.

The Old Guard is a great action movie that also has wonderful acting and a backstory. A take on immortality that isn’t vampires was nice, and I liked that they showed both the positives and negatives that would come with immortality.

Side note: I can completely believe that Charlize Theron is immortal (I mean, seriously, does she ever age?!).


Dumplin’ is about a plus-size teenager, Willowdean (who is nicknamed Dumplin’ by her mother), who decides to sign up for her mom’s pageant as a protest.

This film is a fantastic mixture of a feel-good movie, coming-of-age story, message of self-acceptance, and Dolly Parton. The message is wonderful, and the music is fabulous!! It is a fun film.

It will make you laugh and dance in your seat!

Love, Guaranteed

Another film that made me dance (I love I think we’re alone now!).

Love, Guaranteed is a romantic comedy about a guy that sues a dating app company after he goes on 1,000 first dates and doesn’t find love. His lawyer also hasn’t found love…

Is this film incredibly predictable? Yes. Is it still a cute and likable film? Yes!

I contend that Netflix has surpassed Hallmark at making these from coms that are still actually fun to watch. This film is a great example of that!

The Trial of the Chicago 7

This film covers the 1969 trial of the Chicago seven that were charged by the federal government with conspiracy and inciting to riot during the 1968 Democratic National Convention.

I am a huge fan of Aaron Sorkin’s writing. I loved The West Wing, Newsroom, A Few Good Men, Moneyball, and Molly’s Game. All of which were written by Sorkin.  So after watching this, I wasn’t surprised to learn that Sorkin wrote this.

This film has a great script and a fantastic cast. Courtroom shows can sometimes verge dangerously close to dull, but this film is riveting. It is an intelligent and incredibly relevant story. Absolutely recommend!

Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite Netflix original series is!

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